30 Facts About Me xoxo

Yup. I've stooped to this level. However, there is some thought behind it. These answers are genuine from the COGG in front of this screen, so you can get to know me more heehee x (plus it gives my blog a bit of variety, so shut it) Are you named after anyone? Yaass. My grandparents, … Continue reading 30 Facts About Me xoxo


The date was a FLOP

BACKGROUND:  Flashback to my blog around October/November 2017 when I was blogging about going on a date with a guy I had known for about three years or so. After a series of depressive slumps and general lack of motivation, I'm now ready to explain what happened! The boy wasn't the cause of my low … Continue reading The date was a FLOP


Here's to a month of celebrating US. All the homosexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals, transexuals, lesbians, asexuals... whatever flag you fly - allies included. There is still a way to go in the LGBT+ community and movement, however each little milestone is another jigsaw piece to completing the most beautiful masterpiece. Love you all COGG XOXO