Depression – songs that help me

Last year was an absolute bitch for my emotions. I was diagnosed with a three-year depression, had two suicide attempts and spent the majority of the year on medication. At the time, when I was unable to fully control my emotions, I found some comfort in listening to emotional, heart-break songs. Looking back, this did absolutely nothing for my illness, though at the time I felt like it was the best music for me. They were tracks that made me miss home, miss my exes – and generally allowed me to wallow freely in my self-destructive mood. Now, however, that I’m two months off my medication and have a lot more control over my negative mood swings, I listen to more lifting, “empowering” tracks if you will. Below are five songs I currently listen to whenever I feel a mood coming on. Hope you enjoy. As always, I’d love to hear of your suggestions.


Rachel Platten | Stand By You


Betsy | Lost and Found


Tom Walker | Leave a Light On


Alan Walker | Alone


Lady Gaga | The Cure


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